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Dr. Smita Gouthi

Dr. Smita Gouthi brings in the vast experience on the table from different walks of life. Having a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, Dr. Gouthi has empowered herself by channelizing time and efforts to benefit all sections of society. She joined Gujarat Research and Medical Institute, Ahmedabad to help people fight with their mental disharmony and have successfully carved people out from depression, anxiety, lifestyle disorders and trauma. During her practice in institute, she came across large number of cases of students who were dealing with one or the other kind of mental stress or burden which was causing a hurdle to become a balanced and successful human being. Dr. Gouthi believes that wellbeing of society lies in the wellbeing of students, as they are the one who will shape up the social engagements in future.

Dr. Gouthi has been widely appreciated for her contributions made towards counselling of pre and post cardio surgery patients and their relatives. Treating mental and emotional imbalance have always been a challenge which Dr. Gouthi has been able to overcome with her exceptional ability to understand the mindset. Her illustrious counselling is widely recommended by the patients themselves. Dr.Gouthi One of The Best Online Therapist and also provide Online Psychosocial Counselling

Dr. Gouthi was also instrumental post catastrophic earthquake that occurred in Gujarat in 2001. Being a professional and responsible to her duties, she quickly assessed the rise of Post Trauma Stress Disorder (PTSD)in the city of Ahmedabad. She took number of initiatives and contacted people who were living in fear, anxiety and depression due to the loss and help them to gain enough confidence to recover.

Teaching is her passion and while interacting with students she was able to fathom the dilemma that they suffers from. Dr. Gouthi identifies that students are usually in sensitive phase of life where attitudes and emotions are being shaped up. Any minor or major mental stress can be a cause of concern. Committed to her passion, Dr. Gouthi is now allocating her maximum time to assist students in overcoming their fear, anxiety or any kind of mental stress.

Dr. Smita Gouthi

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