Anger Disorder

Anger Disorder Counselling

Anger is common across all human beings. It is an emotion when one deal with difficult, awful and objectionable circumstances in our daily lives. This emotion pops up when we deeply regret or dislike something. Dr. Smiti Gouthi believes that a certain level of anger is common among students and it actually motivates them to change the things as they are. However, to get the right motivation from anger is an art where you need help of a therapist because when anger is not channelized properly, it leads to self-destruction only.

Students, in various stages of life, feel anger. It can occur because of oscillation in relationships, studies, environment etc. The real concern is when student do not acknowledge that they are suffering from anger disorder. There is a fine line between the expression of normal anger and anger disorder which most of the times people fail to recognize in their daily lifestyle. Dr. Gouthi has just pen down few acts and moods which would enable students to recognize that they are suffering from anger disorder. If you find yourself in any of the following situations than the recognition should be positive and Take Anger Treatment online.

  • Physical abuse to yourself or to others
  • Yell at others
  • Breaking things out of aggression
  • Getting upset in usual conversations
  • Loosing self-control frequently
Anger Disorder Counselling
Anger Disorder Counselling

Anger issues, if not resolved timely may lead to a risky behavior which ends up with destruction of your own social network and your personality. To avoid the escalation, you should get in touch with Dr. Gouthi. All you need to do is book an appointment with her and share your thoughts, your lifestyle and what are the things you are going through with.

Dr. Gouthi advices students not to ignore any level of anger that may occur. Anger Disorder Counselling with Dr. Gouthi, be assured that your consultation shall remain confidential. Hence, do not think much and don’t put more pressure on your mind, it will only lead to more complex thoughts, just get in touch with Dr. Gouthi and let her take care of the rest.