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Depression Counselling Online

Depression is a common problem nowadays and it is deepening its root among university students. Depression can be described as an insidious feeling that you are unable to keep up with the pace of life. Usually the feeling of depression is ignored and put under the carpet of being sad and unhappy. In such ignorance, students are never able to realize the magnitude of depression and its ill effects. The first thing that Dr. Gouthi suggests is that you are not the only one who is suffering with depression. A large number of students and people from other parts of society suffers with same but never realize.

For students, Dr. Gouthi suggest that if anyone is feeling sad, emptiness or getting irritated with things, situations or people around for more than two weeks, than it should be matter for concern take Depression Treatment online. It influences your daily life, your efforts and cease you from enjoying things which you otherwise do. Dr. Gouthi has dealt numerous cases where brilliant minds suffered from depression. In many cases, students never realized that they are suffering from depression disorder and need professional consultation.

Depression Treatment online
Depression Treatment online

While as student, you feel sad and low in life and turn to your trusted ones for advice. Friends and relatives, being limited with their knowledge, will listen to you but unable to provide cure. Sharing, at times ease out the burden but it surely does not provide cure. Hence Dr. Gouthi advice students to take Depression Counselling Online. To realize that you are dealing with depression, she has pen down few circumstances.

  • Feeling Low in daily life and being less motivated
  • Feeling more anxious than usual
  • Losing interest in outings, hang out with friends, dating.
  • Avoiding social gatherings
  • Losing weight
  • Stop attending lectures
  • Not getting enough sleep / sleeping disorder

Dr. Gouthi advice students not to ignore any sadness that may surround you at any stage of your university life. Dr. Gouthi has been involved in dealing with more than complex depression disorder and provided visible and fruitful results in short span of time. While consulting with her, be assured that your consultation shall remain confidential. Hence, do not think much and don’t put more pressure on your mind, it will only lead to more complex thoughts, just get in touch with Dr. Gouthi and let her take care of the rest.