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Today, there is a significant rise in the number of students opting for higher education and shifting across the globe.. When students move to different stages of education, they experience a major shift in the environment which could be challenging for many especially when it also involves moving locations and leaving home for the first time. Students are suddenly compelled to be independent and learn to take care of themselves while fulfilling academic expectations. These responsibilities are likely to stress a student’s mind causing some to take time to adapt and struggle with the same.

During this time of higher educations, young adults are defining their personalities and understanding who they are by rediscovering themselves and working towards their professional aspirations, These multiple levels of expectation often become a source of severe stress and anxiety and this is heightened due to the multiple, simultaneous changes in their lives at the time. Students may sleep less at times, feel stressed all the time, eat poorly and avoid physical activities.

university counselling
university counselling

Universities should make it a priority to ensure the wellbeing of their students and provide professional help if required. The reason being that issues with mental health not only affect students as an individual but has adverse consequences for the atmosphere of the university itself. Universities help students by providing access to support Student Counselling Service including involves proper counselling which is something that a number of reputed universities worldwide have already adopted and they have found greater student satisfaction.

Dr.Gouthi provides professional assistance to students who are dealing with such mental stress and anxiety at different levels and can work with the university to ensure the greater wellbeing of students, Her experiences has allowed her to understand the various challenges faced by the youth. As a university counsellor, she can be more than effective. Dr. Gouthi is well adapted with technology and promotes online appointments and get University Student Counselling Services in need. She has been really successful in her past counsels of students via digital platforms and the flexibility of online chats, appointments and conferencing makes her easily accessible.

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